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Mini Dental Implants

The development of dental implant technology a few decades ago offered a new option to people who had a missing tooth or teeth. Previous to the introduction of implants, the most common form of treatment was a
partial or permanent bridge. Dental implants provided a much more permanent replacement option, but the procedure was both expensive and extensive.

With the recent FDA approval of mini-dental implants, a new and exciting option is now available. Through the use of miniaturization, these small implants are much easier to install and have a wider range of applications. Because the mini-implants can often be placed with only one visit, the amount of physical discomfort and also the number of office visits are greatly reduced.

Although denture wearers did not previously qualify for implant replacement at all since most of all of their teeth needed to be replaced, the mini-dental implants can now be used to anchor dentures firmly in place. This eliminates the problem of loose or slipping dentures that are a common problem to most denture wearers. They no longer need to be embarrassed by dentures that impede their speech, and they can enjoy all types of foods with confidence.

The development of mini-dental implants also makes tooth replacement less expensive and more available to patients who might otherwise find implant tooth replacement too expensive. Implants typically are not covered by dental insurance, but considering the lower cost and long life of implant tooth replacement, some insurance companies may reconsider their coverage in the future.

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